A Summit for Climate Change and Energy Use

Many things had happened within the year 2020, and one of those game-changing events is the efforts done to ease the climate emergency. Not only has this pandemic affected the economy negatively, but it has also as well challenged our established customs to adopt more sustainable strategies for our planet.

Tomorrow Energy’s annual event calls into action the most respectable innovators, visionaries, and leaders from every industry and government. However, it is in place of a physical event that the association has opted for it to be done online concerning the current COVID-19 protocol.

In this summit, a comprehensive conference and eventual discussion about how the country and its actions affect the climate had taken place. The deliberation for the best energy solutions became a top priority portion of the event.

A key component that reinforced the purpose of this summit is the dialogue regarding possible energy source innovations that can be incorporated into industries, businesses, and institutions. Transport and communications were also included as elements to be re-evaluated. With that, the participants were encouraged to take part in the initiative towards sustainability and efficiency and we’re called to remain invested in such matters.

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