Solar Industries Open Opportunities to Coal Regions

Energy derived from coal and fossil fuels contributes significantly to the number of greenhouse emissions released worldwide. This has caused great harm to our planet, and yet more than a handful of countries are still utilizing coal for the production of electricity. Although this fact is unfortunate, we look at the silver lining on how many are slowly transitioning into the use of renewable energy sources.

Not only does this help the environment recuperate towards carbon neutrality, but it has also improved the job market for many workers in coal regions.

Solar energy is a top candidate amongst all the renewable energy sources because of its availability and accessibility to all. The process of fully incorporating solar power into the energy sector offers so much potential as well. It is projected that by 2030, up to 300,000 jobs will be opened to the citizens of existing coal regions. This is a considerable improvement compared to the 200,000 jobs that are currently manning fossil fuel power plants.

The utilization of solar energy for electricity production can also help de-commissioned land and mining areas to heal, and eventually be reused as agricultural and residential zones. Experts envision these coal regions to be future champions for renewable energy, and this transition is truly a win for all.

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