Tomorrow’s energy is an association of advocates for solar power that promotes an energy system that is sustainable and inclusive. As an initiative to achieve carbon neutrality by the year 2050, we at Tomorrow’s Energy ensure that our efforts are focused on making the sun the leading natural energy source within the decade. As we strive towards this goal, we let our vision lead the members of the association so we may attain more for the years to come.


The vision of Tomorrow’s Energy is to foster a community of members to adopt a more sustainable energy system that can secure a better future for our planet.


  • We aim to educate and inform communities through effective communication platforms regarding the advantages of going solar.
  • We aim to encourage the implementation of solar-based energy systems and solutions on a national scale utilizing engaging our policymakers and statesmen.
  • We aim to guide businesses by offering studies to back the benefits of incorporating solar power as a vital component of their power systems
  • Lastly, we aim to secure a financial structure for our initiative towards carbon neutrality by partnering with stakeholders and the media men that we have enlisted to be in line with the cause.