The Dialogue on Our Behavior Towards Climate Change

As the average temperature of the earth’s regions continues to rise by a few degrees in a span of a few years, Tomorrow’s Energy took this as a waking call for us all to take climate change more seriously for 2021.

The association’s concern lies in the common notion that this problem cannot be solved by individual efforts but by systemic and societal changes – an idea that is more prevalent among younger generations from ages under 35. With that, this talk was pushed through to remind citizens can be the catalyst to the change we need to save the planet, and it has taken a positive turn.

This event was particularly geared towards educators, social media influencers, tech representatives, and organization leaders who share the same goal but differ in approach. Tomorrow’s Energy has invited speakers to initiate the dialogue, with which the end is to promote sustainable choice on simple day-to-day decisions.

It was discussed that our habits and small choices accumulate to create a bigger impact, and if we’re not careful, we could be ushering our planet towards its downfall.

With the dialogue that had ensued, many ideas and suggestions were tossed around as to what environmental sustainability truly means to a diverse crowd. While many still believed society as a whole is still to blame, all the participants in the event could agree that we should all contribute to better consumer decisions as primary climate action.

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