The Energy Sector at the Time of COVID 19

Now that all of our countries are in recovery mode, both emotionally and economically, another aspect of our survival is also quietly affected: the energy sector. The ordeal with the pandemic has put all efforts towards Climate Change mitigation and a sustainable economic system to a halt. However, some advocates won’t let that happen, which is why Tomorrow’s Energy has opened this opportunity to initiate a conversation with leaders, educators, and industry heads regarding this matter.

In the event, ideas were shared regarding the awareness that the pandemic has given us all and what most people had learned during the quarantine period. Despite the difficulty, heads of the energy industry find the silver lining in the situation. This is because the COVID 19 occurrence has opened people’s eyes to the importance of energy efficiency in their day-to-day lives.

This means that while we are all on the path to recovery, communities are more willing to embrace a circular energy system. By that, we will now be embracing renewable energy sources instead of linear energy systems borne out of non-renewable sources. With solar energy as the leading renewable source of power, the path towards carbon neutrality is becoming more stable.

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