A Solar-powered Green Deal for Europe

A new modern strategy for economic growth and climate change mitigation is well underway since the recent presidency in 2019. Intending to achieve carbon neutrality before the year 2050, the European Commission discussed an outline of objectives after calling on representatives of different sectors to participate. The main approach is to maximize the benefits of a potent renewable energy source: sunlight.

Industrial Partnerships

In an attempt to build solar energy up as a supporting pillar for the energy sector of Europe, the Commission encourages industries to delve into solar manufacturing. This way, a supply may be introduced into the market just in time as demand is brought into the fold.

Sustainable Construction

Architecture is among the most damaging sectors to the environment in terms of its carbon footprint. The Commission aims to mitigate the effects with a proposed mandate for all construction of building typologies to adopt solar-harvesting technologies and energy-saving methods.

A Total Solar Transition

Coal still remains as a source of energy, even when it has been proven to cause irreversible damage to the environment. With that, the European Commission had reached out to the leaders and advocates of the coal regions with the promise of solar potential and the business opportunities it can open to the communities.

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