Update: A Transition from Coal

As pressure mounts upon the European Commission, roadmaps and game plans are finally laid out to ultimately phase out the use of coal around the year 2038. An 80 billion euro budget is allocated for this transition, and indeed it is about time that we had pushed through with this cause. In a dialogue between statesmen, climate researchers, and leading figures, there are two main considerations with the goal underway. Those are to 1.) initiate the shuttering of fossil fuel and coal plans and to 2.) secure the electricity prices from rising to impracticality.

Also in line with the advocacy of the European Commission in battling climate change, Tomorrow’s Energy shares the same approach of educating citizens to contribute while encouraging industries to make the transition. Germany leads with their calls for action that, if they never lose sight of their goal, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz claims the country can be hailed as a model for a new and efficient energy policy.

While some sectors still consider 2038 too early of a date to reach a total transition, the European Commission is devoted to back this cause, with 2 billion in its pocket for every year of the process.

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