Ambition Against Climate Change Goes Solar-powered

In line with achieving carbon neutrality before 2050, the state heads of the European Union Council has decided to raise the bar and raise greenhouse gas emission reductions to 60% before 2030. This initiative is supported by that of Tomorrow’s Energy, and the approach taken states the transition from fossil fuels to solar as a source for energy.

Given that the energy consumption in Europe is steadily rising, according to a study conducted by the association, we need to turn towards renewable sources as a supply for this growing demand.

Leaders and experts discuss the best course to take in educating and helping coal-dependent states to do the transition. The most ideal approach would be to continuously educate the citizens about the sustainable benefits of adopting a solar-powered energy system while encourage and supporting industries that utilize solar-harvesting technologies as their main energy source.

Policy advisors say that this increase in ambition to battle against climate change will lead to more efforts to re-skill workers and recalibrate working systems, but this is an effort that the Council, as well as associations like Tomorrow’s Energy, is willing to contribute to.

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