Launching a European Market for Solar Power

Tomorrow’s Energy, in support of all efforts to promote the use of solar power as an ideal source of renewable energy, is in the process of creating a market for clean energy. In line with the ambition to encourage more investors to join the fold, this market initiative discusses the essentials of solar growth. This includes a dialogue on capital and carbon pricing, reinforcing public information on the potential and benefits of solar power, and the plan of action for transition and full implementation in various coal regions.

In this report, National representatives, leaders, and associations like Tomorrow’s Energy are reaching out to member states so the strategies can be applied on the micro-level. This is because solar energy processing is an industry that is job intensive and versatile. With that, previously coal region states won’t have to worry about their livelihood during the Clean Energy transition.

The full incorporation of solar energy as the main source of power will open a job market for all. Such efforts contribute greatly to the aims of the European Green Deal. That being said, the full evaluation and implementation of this report can only pave the way to more possibilities for Carbon Neutrality in 2050.

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